Are you ready for the holiday party season?

Look and feel your best with these specials:

5th Element Primo Facial
With Diamond Microdermabrasion
And Peel Or Deep Recovery Mask
Let our team get right to your pours,
rejuvenating the skin
returning your natural glow.
You’ll look better than the rest
in those holiday party candid shots.

1 60-minute session for $79.99

Infrared Slimming Suit Compression Therapy
Let our slimming suit
melt away fat
and reduce inches
from your legs, arms and waist.

3 30-minute sessions for $100

Far-infrared Gemstone Mat Therapy
Rest and relax
on a warm bed of
Amethyst, Jade and Tourmaline
while it burns calories,
stimulates your metabolism
and naturally promotes detox.

3 45-minute sessions for $ 100

Ionic Detox Foot Bath
Take care of your tootsies
with this extremely relaxing
and rejuvenating treatment that
detoxifies the body while
pampering your feet.

1 30-minute sessions for $ 40
3 30-minute sessions for $ 90

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