Facials and Skincare

Protecting and rejuvenating your skin.


Esthetics is the application of various treatments to the skin, to maintain its health and vitality. At 5th Element our estheticians are trained in skin wellness, helping their clients balance oil and moisture content and achieve a healthy, youthful complexion. A variety of treatments and products are used to protect skin from environmental hazards and combat fine lines, wrinkles, and a dull, uneven skin tone. Estheticians are also skilled in managing conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema, and dry skin, to name just a few.

Our Premium Facials

Anti-Acne Facial $70.00
Anti-Aging Facial $70.00
Back Facial $50.00
Kansa Wand Facial $90.00
Teen Facial $55.00


Our Premier Facials

5th Element Kansa Facial $110.00
5th Element Primo Facial $100.00
5th Element Cupping Facelift $300.00


Our Express Facials

30 Minute Glycolic Peel Facial $55.00
Express Facial $45.00
Zen Express Facial $45.00


Our Premium Peel Add Ons

Pumpkin Enzyme Peel Add On $10.00
30% Glycolic Acid Peel Add On $15.00
50% Glycolic Peel Add On $20.00


Our Facial Packages

Kansa Wand Facial 3-Pack $245.00
Pumpkin Enzyme Peel Series $145.00
3-Pack Facial Bundle $195.00
5-Pack Facial Bundle $300.00
10-Pack Facial Bundle $552.00

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