Experience this ancient art.

At the 5th our Acupuncture treatments are suited to your needs, Regardless if your are seeking relief from pain or depression or preparing your body for future sports or birthing needs. Acupuncture is an ancient treatment that involves the insertion of extremely fine needles, just slightly larger than the diameter of a human hair, into strategically located points in the body. These insertions facilitate the flow of Qi (pronounced Chee, meaning energy) through a complex system of meridians. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, these meridians correlate to the nervous and circulatory systems of the body that help to maintain health and life. It is believed that illness results from the stagnation or improper flow of Qi. Acupuncture improves this flow and stimulates the natural healing abilities of the body.

This treatment is known to help a variety of conditions, such as but not limited to:

Weight loss


Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture – Labor Prep $125.00
Acupuncture 3 Session Bundle $200.00
Acupuncture 6 Session Bundle $400.00
Acupuncture Face Rejuvenation $800.00
Acupuncture Single Treatment $75.00
Acupuncture Initial Consultation $100.00







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